Camping at the edge...
of the Cotswolds

Come and enjoy our peaceful Wiltshire idyll, enjoy a sunset and relax in the countryside.

The Rouselands Experience

Meat Boxes and Farm Fresh Produce

We have been breeding and rearing our own lambs for a number of years and believe that a happy, healthy life leads to tasty meat too. Our sheep enjoy the freedom of open fields and sunny skies to grow on grass and enjoy life. We will also be offering beef boxes and fresh vegetables in the near future.


Coming Soon


Coming soon


Lamb boxes - available to order

About Us

Shaun and I (Alison) have both grown up with a passion for farming and keeping our own animals, with Shaun from a farming family and myself as a trained Veterinary Surgeon. We have a shared dream to raise our family in the countryside and to run our own farm in a way that maximizes the health of our animals and that of the wonderful ecosystem that we are now custodians of in our fields.


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