Our Story

'We are passionate about sustainable grassland farming, environment biodiversity and producing tasty high welfare, home bred and reared beef and lamb.'

Between us we have a lifelong passion for farming and the countryside. Farming since a child has kept Shaun living rurally, farming and keeping animals his whole life. I myself am a trained Veterinary Surgeon who has always been keen on sustainability and the natural world.

We feel incredibly lucky to now be custoidans of the wonderful ecosystem that is our farm and to be able to raise our family here. We are passionate about sustainable farming, supporting local small business and producing British meat in a high health and welfare way for our loyal local customers. 

We have lived at Rouselands Farm since December 2015 and have set about making our farm dream a reality, we hope that you will come and visit and see our progress.

Previously disused farm buildings are changing into those full of the bustle that a busy farm brings. We own and breed our own flock of pedigree sheep and herds of cattle, we have our camping and glamping site and are Farm Assured (Red Tractor certified) beef and lamb producers. What project will we start next, come back and find out!

About Us

Shaun and I (Alison) have both grown up with a passion for farming and keeping our own animals, with Shaun from a farming family and myself as a trained Veterinary Surgeon. We have a shared dream to raise our family in the countryside and to run our own farm in a way that maximizes the health of our animals and that of the wonderful ecosystem that we are now custodians of in our fields.